• Publisher Sergio M.L. Tarrero interviews If Darwin & Socrates, Global Sciocracy author Paco Mota (English subtitles)

1) FWC1 establishes a universal and democratic law and justice system.

• Interview of Federico Mayor Zaragoza, General Director at UNESCO 1987-1999 (Spanish)

• Ian Godin, World Economic Forum: Rethinking Global Governance

2) FWC2 establishes bapodeship (the condition of a base political decisionmaker) via scientifically-sanctioned (using a Double-Blind Model or DBM) sciologicity (or raciocognitivity), not by extrauterine age, as well as the direct (quasi)proportionality between the MDC-sanctioned personal sciocrenum (number of sciological credits or sciocredits) and the sciovonum (number of sciological votes or sciovotes).

• TED Talks - Manuel Lima: A visual history of human knowledge

• TEDxKC - Michael Wesch - From Knowledgeable to Knowledge-Able

• Academy of Ideas: Socrates videos (3 videos)

3) FWC3 establishes both the free unrestricted access to all unreserved true or scioprobable information, and the universal anti-indoctrination ban.

• Nicholas Humphrey: "What Shall We Tell The Children?" (you can also read it here)

• Jesús Mosterín in Redes (episode 323): Keys to survival (Spanish)

Beautiful Minds, presented by Richard Dawkins (with optional subtitles)

The enemies of reason, presented by Richard Dawkins.

Episode 1: Slaves to Superstition (with Spanish subtitles)

Episode 2: Irrational Health System (with Spanish subtitles)

• Bill Maher - Religion standup routines

4) FWC4 establishes the universal abolition of cash money (physical money) and the exhaustive, secure, confidential and traceable inforegistry of every Legal Economic Transaction (LET).

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