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1) FWC1 establishes a universal and democratic law and justice system.

2) FWC2 establishes bapodeship (the condition of a base political decisionmaker) via scientifically-sanctioned (using a Double-Blind Model or DBM) sciologicity (or raciocognitivity), not by extrauterine age, as well as the direct (quasi)proportionality between the MDC-sanctioned personal sciocrenum (number of sciological credits or sciocredits) and the sciovonum (number of sciological votes or sciovotes).

3) FWC3 establishes both the free unrestricted access to all unreserved true or scioprobable information, and the universal anti-indoctrination ban.

4) FWC4 establishes the universal abolition of cash money (physical money) and the exhaustive, secure, confidential and traceable inforegistry of every Legal Economic Transaction (LET).

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