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Si Darwin y Sócrates, Sciocracia Mundial is published in Spanish by Editorial Paradigma. It will be available in English in the coming months. If you want to receive an alert when it becomes available, please subscribe to our mailing list in the Contact section (or just send us an email: this website is still under construction, and we've been having trouble with the Contact widget).

If Darwin and Socrates, Global Sciocracy

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1. This book is a socioexperiment


'Scio-' is here a neoprefix which means in knowledge of or by virtue of knowledge. Like a buzzer locked inside a matryoshka nesting doll contained in a larger one, this book aims to provoke in the smaller doll a vibration which, ideally, reaches the larger doll. This book is a smaller socioexperiment which means to unleash a larger socioexperiment. In terms of scale, the inner or smaller doll are the world’s intellectual elites or scioelites, and the exterior or larger doll is the whole of humanity or, as the author likes to say, Humanty, the set of all human beings living in any given instant.


2. This book activates Ternate Essay's microeffect


If you are an ExtraH, an Extraordinary Human, then Ternate Essay's microeffect may be getting activated right now, in your hands. This microeffect will only be relevant if it can trigger what in this book is called the Jumanji Effect, thus propitiating a desirable global socioexperiment. To know whether you are an ExtraH, you will have to read the book. If you are a true ExtraH, you will first be a recipient of Ternate Essay's microeffect, and then, much more importantly, an agent of the powerful Jumanji Effect, here an unstoppable global game, once initiated.


3. This book is a simple essay on Holoethics


Holoethics means Universal and Scientific Ethics, and it refers to an engineering concern for achieving a ConviviUM 3max. A ConviviUM 3max is a human geosociety with maximally compatible values of liberty (maxifreedom), objective knowledge (maxiknowledge) and wellbeing (maxiwellbeing or minisuffering). This book is a plea for a ConviviUM 3max which the author calls Global and Transparent Citizen Sciocracy, version .00, as numeronym, Σ.00, or simply Σ (which can be read as “Sigma”). Σ is a double human sciosummation: of all human beings, and of all human knowledge.


4. This books explains Σ’s 4 FrameWork Conditions (FWC1-FWC4)


FWC1 establishes a universal and democratic law and justice system. FWC2 establishes bapodeship (the condition of a base political decisionmaker) via scientifically-sanctioned (using a Double-Blind Model or DBM) sciologicity (or raciocognitivity), not by extrauterine age, as well as the direct (quasi)proportionality between the MDC-sanctioned personal sciocrenum (number of sciological credits or sciocredits) and the sciovonum (number of sciological votes or sciovotes). FWC3 establishes both the free unrestricted access to all unreserved true or scioprobable information, and the universal anti-indoctrination ban. FWC4 establishes the universal abolition of cash money (physical money) and the exhaustive, secure, confidential and traceable inforegistry of every Legal Economic Transaction (LET).


5. This book explains how to set up Σ in a holoethical manner


The ideal way to set up Σ is the RoadMap towards Σ (RMΣ). RMΣ contemplates an advisable Global Full Sample Opinion Poll amongst humans over 18 years old (H18’s) about Σ’s convenience. This opinion poll is called OP18-Σ, and it can be done today, although only subideally, due to dishonest man-made obstacles, not due to unsurmountable technologistical barriers. RMΣ permits a global plebiscite among H18’s about the same issue (PLE18-Σ), but, ultimately, it will be indispensable to carry out a plebiscite amongst scicohus (sciocompetent humans) about the issue: the fundamental PLESCI-Σ. As an alternative to the RMΣ, or in combination with it, we could try out the approach of setting up elections to Humanty’s Consulting Parliament (HCP).


6. This book is a long but simple holoethical modus ponens


This book is a long but simple argument. The book's argument has two premises and one conclusion: 1 If Darwinism and political Socratism are right, then we have to set up Σ; and that 2 Darwinism and political Socratism are right. The author argues that, 1 and 2 being true premises, then we must conclude that: ├ Σ must be set up. In logic, this way of argumentation is known as modus ponens (“the way of putting it”). What must be put or set up is Σ.


7. This book is more than a book


Read it, and you will realize it for yourself. And, if you are an ExtraH, Humanty will also realize it soon.

Right Flap

1. One serious problem among 5 serious problems


Today's Humanty faces 5 serious, darned intricate and interrelated global problems. They are The Top 5: 1 the metastatic deficit of a universal and democratic authority, law and justice system; 2 the general, insane and mafia-like competitive rivalry amongst human beings (violent, in the worst cases; venal, in the best); 3 the devastating bioecological degradation; 4 the unpredictable, man-made climate change; and 5 the uncontrolled demographic spiral. This book's supervillain is problem 1: our Global EthoAuthoritative Deficit, or GEAD, a metastatic problem which infiltrates and poisons any other Top 5. 'Etho-', is a prefix meaning in accordance with Scientific Ethics; 'scio-' means in knowledge of or by virtue of knowledge; and 'holo-' means total, integral or universal.


2. A paradox


Humanity has given sufficient solution to an impressive number of intimidating technical problems. Intensive crop and livestock farming, vaccines, antibiotics, subaquatic navigation, supersonic aviation, lunar travel,  the maglev train, the space shuttle, the internet, supercomputing and Artificial Intelligence are all terms for some of these sufficient solutions. But, why hasn't Humanity yet provided a sufficient solution to GEAD?


3. GEAD has an etho-OK solution


GEAD has a perfect, atraumatic and just solution for all human beings; that is, GEAD has an etho-OK solution. GEAD remains unresolved, mostly due to the lack of knowledge and will to give it a sufficient solution. All instruction changes our knowledge, and all volition is volatile, two terms so akin that it's hard to believe they have independent ethymologies. Human volition changes with new knowledge and new desires. In fact, new pieces of knowledge produce new wishes. Human volition can be changed with new knowledge, for instance, with new arguments. This book is a robust holoethical argument for a Global and Transparent Citizen Sciocracy, for Σ.


4. GEAD's etho-OK solution is RMΣ


Setting up Σ means to give a sufficient solution to GEAD. But the setting up of Σ must also be an etho-OK setup. There is not just one etho-OK way of setting up Σ, but there is a preferential, very advisable and peaceful way of setting up Σ. The preferential way to set up Σ is the RoadMap to Σ, or RMΣ.


5. This book explains RMΣ


RMΣ is a 5-step formula, namely: 1. OP18-Σ → 2. PLE18-Σ → 3. (...) → 4. PLESCI-Σ → 5. Σ.

OP18-Σ is an advisable Global Full Sample Opinion Poll among human beings over 18 years of age regarding the convenience of Σ. PLE18-Σ would be an advisable plebiscite for the same population and subject matter. Step 3 details how to determine which human beings are scicohus: sciocompetent humans. And PLESCI-Σ is the necessary plebiscite amongst scicohus with regards to Σ's convenience.


6. In 50 years' time Humanty will live in Σ


If everything is done how it is advised herein, and everything goes as it is herein expected, in 50 years' time Humanty will live in Σ, and Humanitas' Holoethic Age will have begun.

Left Flap

Paco Mota (Águilas, 1964) is a Philosophy graduate and a Certified Translator from Granada University. Since the late 80's, he has worked as Philosophy teacher at Andalusian high schools. If Darwin and Socrates, Global Sciocracy is his debut essay.

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