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Bapode is a base political decisionmaker.

Geodemocracy is a single and universal democracy, meaning, a planetary democracy. A democracy which is not geodemocracy is a subglobal democracy, meaning, not a planetary democracy. The first thing we must know about Σ is that it is a sophisticated geodemocracy, although for the moment is only a virtual, imaginary or nonexistent geodemocracy. Not all geodemocracies are like Σ, but Σ is, without a doubt, a geodemocracy. The most distinctive characteristic of the democratic regime Σ is not its planetary scope, nor, as I will later explain, its renunciacion of cash or physical money, but its feature of being a scioweighted democracy. Because it is scioweighted, Σ is a sciodemocracy.

Global Transparent Citizen Sciocracy (Σ) - The holoethical ideal or ConviviUM 3max proposed here is a Global Transparent Citizen Sciocracy, an imaginary entity today which, for short, I will always refer to using the expression ‘Σ’, the Greek letter uppercase sigma. ‘Σ’ (‘σ’, in lowercase) is equivalent to the Latin ‘s’, the first letter in ‘Sciocracia’, and it is also valid as the mathematical symbol for summation. As it will be shown, a global transparent citizen sciocracy is, in several ways, a colossal and dynamic summation. In the summation which Σ aspires to be, no human being should be missing, and no significant quota of pertinent knowledge should be missing. If ‘Σ’ denotes global transparent citizen sciocracy, I use the lowercase sigma symbol (‘σ’) to denote a subglobal (not planetary) sciocracy.  Here the plural of ‘σ’ will be ‘σs’, exact synonym of 'subglobal sciocracies’.

‘Scio-’ is here a neoprefix meaning in virtue of knowledge or knowing, relative to knowledge, who knows. ‘Nescio-’ is a neoprefix antonym. ‘Scioprobable’, for instance, means probable according to what is understood as known. ‘Sciodarwinian’ is someone who is knowledgeable about Darwinism. ‘Nesciodarwinian’ is ve who doesn't know about Darwinism, or doesn't understand it well. Obviously, any knowledge of a subject is a graduated parameter. ‘Etho-’ is here a prefix indicating in conformity with Scientific Ethics or, more casually, related to Scientific Ethics. 'Scientific Ethics' must not be understood as the deontological code of scientists in their endeavors and laboratories, but Ethics which has a scientific foundation, which is based on science. ‘Scio-’ and ‘etho-’ appear profusely in this book. ‘Crato-’, prefix meaning affined or  related to power, appears much less frequently. ‘Cratic’, for instance, means related to power, and ’cratopolitical’ means related to power and/or politics.

Sciocratian is a citizen in a sciocracy (i.e., Σ).

Sciocratist is someone who endorses sciocracy.

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