• Global democracy, world government, cosmopolitanism.

• We will list some related groups, interested authors and resources related to these ideas. You can find more recommendations of essays about these subjects under Reading.

• The World government Wikipedia article describes the historical evolution of these ideas.

World Federalist Movement Wikipedia article.

• George Dvorsky wrote an article in 2012 titled When will we finally have a world government?

Image of the United Federation of Planets council chamber courtesy of CBS.

• Study and proactive foresight to mitigate global catastrophic risks.

• Universal literacy and basic education.

• Secularism, anti-indoctrination, anti-ascientificism.

• Transhumanism, posthumanism, physical and cognitive freedom.

• Equality movement, movement for equal rights of all people regardless of sex or gender.

• Movement for the rights of children to be guaranteed/respected everywhere.

• Movement for the rights of LGTB people to be guaranteed/respected everywhere.

• Movement for the rights of older people to be guaranteed/respected everywhere.

• Movements for the rights of migrants, of the poor, of people with physical or cognitive limitations, and other minorities.

• Abolitionism (of suffering), protection of animals.

• Movement for the abolition of the death penalty.

• Movement for the right to euthanasia; movement for the right to Human Cryopreservation (HC).

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